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About IMS

The history of IMS is like a long fairy tale. We started a long, long time ago.  Click on LEARN MORE to learn more.

Technical Training

Whether you are an individual who wants to improve your computer skills, or you have a business where your valuable co-workers could be even more valuable, we provide technical training. An abundance of references testify to the quality of our training

Technical Writing 

Be Aware of the skills required:
* Must be clear and concise
* Must have a good eye for detail 
* Must have an extensive knowledge

Web Sites

Starting in 1996, IMS has provided dozens and dozens of web sites for businesses, for not-for-profits and consistency and style has been the hallmark of our work. A web site that looked "fresh" and "modern" in 2010 may not be so "cool" today. We take the material you have, spruce it up and lay it out in a way that makes your site look like it's...... 2018

IMS Background and
business philosophy 

  • IMS was started in 1984 in response to the growing number of computer user orphans who had purchased hardware and software and then were left unsupported by their dealer.

    We develop long-term service and support relationships with our clients. They know they can depend on us to be there when needed.

  • We are business and accounting professionals with a wide range of technical expertise and we have built a reputation for being honest, competent, reliable and responsive.
    Our goal has always been to train our clients and their personnel to handle tasks internally, thus significantly reducing the necessity for ongoing support time charges.

  • This allows us to concentrate our efforts on providing modifications that operate efficiently, are well documented, and thoroughly tested.
    Providing installation services, training, support and modifications are not just up-front promises; 

You are never to old to learn new tricks!  

  • Your business has been stuck in second gear for 10-15 years and everything is pretty much the as it was around the time of the great recession in 2008. The world has changed and your business must change with it. If you don't the world will pass you by and you will be left in the dust. New technology, new applications, new ways to run things more efficiently. We can show you all that.

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  • You have a home office, or you just have a computer (or 2 or 3) at home and you cannot take advantage of all the new technologies out there. All you neighbors are all over Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other 25 social media apps you've heard of. And all you do is to wish your cousin Happy Birthday once a year on his Facebook account. Time to step up to the plate!    

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  • Your business has a whole cadre of new recruits; clean shaven, eager to go, smart and ambitious as heck. Now they need the business skills to take your company to newer heights. We can provide group training, class training or one-on-one, whatever fits your needs the best.   IT Training since 1992.

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Technical Writing

Quality Technical Writing, Documentation, Patent Applications and manuals require all the skills in the illustration to the left:

* Must be clear and Concise

* Must have a good eye for detail

* Must have extensive knowledge.

Do your business have projects that need documenting? Do you need to create and online help desk? One of the jobs we took on involved a company that had a help desk with so many phone calls, that they finally said: "Enough" and created an intranet with all the questions their 400 employees asked. That cut down in the number of phone calls.

We can create that for you.

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IMS - Since 1984

Email: info@ims-stlouis.com
Contact us: Call our Office 314 432 0997 or
Direct 314 283 2081

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