John Sydow, Owner/Chef

Graduate of the Culinary Institute of AmericaHyde Park, NY


Vonda Sydow, Owner/Business Manager


Matt Franke, Chef

Graduate of Forest Park Community College – Culinary Program




Wholly Mackerel opened its doors on May 13, 2002 with one thing in mind…to teach

St. Louis about really fresh seafood.  “We feel that people are tired of dressing up just to go out and have great food.  Why can’t you sit at a white clothed table in casual attire?”  Well, they have done just that!  Wholly Mackerel has become the best seafood restaurant in St. Louis.  The patrons of the restaurant who have resided near the coastlines are pleasantly surprised to find that same caliber of food here in the mid-west.  The food, service, and casual atmosphere speak for itself.  And, there is always an owner or chef present to answer your questions.