make a great combination:

  1. IMS has been in business since 1984 – one of the oldest computer consulting businesses still going strong. 

  2. IMS has the experience working with all versions of OSAS and all versions of TRAVERSE. 

  3. IMS is a user of TRAVERSE 11 and our daily hammering on it makes it stronger.

  4. TRAVERSE 11 is the newest in accounting and business software technology.  IMS is on the leading edge of new technology and have been for a long, long time.

  5. With TRAVERSE 11 each of your users can customize their screens, their reports and their inquires just the way you want them to look.  Then you can save that look: Go to another workstation and log in as you, and voila! here are all your customizations at your fingertip.

  6. The reports will have everything you need on them, and nothing that you don’t need.  And it doesn’t take a programmer to create them.

  7. You got custom fields that you want to add to an entry screen?  You want to change the layout of the screen?  No problems: Add them through the included Design Studio.  IMS will show you how to do the first custom field or screen
    layout change and then you can do them all by yourself.

  8. TRAVERSE 11 is easy to use, update (updates are quick, automatic and do not require you to shut down operations) and if you have custom modifications, you can still stay current with all new features coming from TRVAERSE 11.  No need for re-programming when an update is released.

    Please visit our TRAVERSE 11 page  and/or please visit the Live Demo site at any time. This is the address: 

For a personal demo, please call us 314-432-0997
Or visit our web site at http://w

Thank You!3

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